fter Danny told them the truth about the necklace, Jo and Lacey now don't believe him when he says he has nothing to do with Regina's murder, which leaves Danny to feel more alone than ever. On top of that, Coach gets fired because of the whole poison situation, and it seems that Cole, the poison victim, believes Archie when he said Danny was behind the poisoning. As a result of that, Principal Tang calls him in for a hearing. Danny will need someone to speak up for him to avoid expulsion. But with nearly every single person in Green Grove believing he is guilty, who will support him? Meanwhile, Chief Masterson has realized that the murder case is not all about Danny anymore and tries to figure out Vikram's past. Also, Jo and Lacey try to deal with the fact that they both feel like Danny no longer can be trusted, and Rico tells Lacey about the video of her and Danny being intimate.

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