urns and Gina take the mother of William Parker,the boy killed in the 1920s to identify his effects after which the Chief Superintendent inspects the station. He is kind to Gina but tough on P.C. Eddie Coulson - his son. Gina and station secretary Cathy join other police personnel at the birthday party Burns' social-climbing wife Deborah has organized for her husband. A reluctant birthday boy,Burns rows with Deborah and repairs to the pub for a drink with desk sergeant Pratt,who is estranged from his Teddy boy son Sam.Pratt tells Burns that the chief superintendent,then a sergeant,had arrested a man called John Evans for killing William and another boy Stanley Collins but Evans always claimed he was innocent and killed himself without confessing. Pratt believes Coulson framed Evans to gain glory. Prostitute Anna Pearce reports being attacked but is fobbed off by loutish Fenton though Gina takes her seriously and interviews her,hoping this will help Donald. She goes to a club and learns from Donald's friend Rufus that Sylvia was Donald's girl-friend but too scared of her racist father to admit it. Fenton follows Gina and threatens her to back off.

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