s Eddie lies in a coma Fenton suggests Gina,who witnessed the attack,help him track down the assailant. Pratt approaches his son Sam,who is protecting the culprit Johnny Harris but says nothing. Eventually Fenton and Gina identify him but he has gone on the run,abandoning his wife and child. Harris plans another robbery but walks into a trap set by Fenton,with help from Sam whilst Eddie wakes from his coma to a new respect from his father. Burns has a distressing visit to Deborah before his mother-in-law turns up to take his little girls. Gina,feeling pressurized by her mother into marrying dull boyfriend Frank,consoles him and they go for a drink. They are observed by Fenton who spreads gossip around the station but fails to see them kiss. Burns learns that Sarah has recently died but has a son George though there is no record of his birth and Burns suspects he is the missing Stanley. Meanwhile a young girl is murdered in the park where the other women were attacked.

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