ust as the hopeless romantic Andrew Lofland begins to grow cynical about his work for an Internet dating site-and perhaps love in general-he happens upon dissatisfied customer Zelda Vasco. As it turns out, Andrew and Zelda-the titular characters-both work in the same business-park, and decide to be friends. While out for some innocent drinks, Zelda hears a song that reminds her of a terrible concert she was dragged to. Andrew also remembers being dragged to the concert, and monologues about a girl in a silver dress he saw there. He believes that Zelda was that girl and that fate has brought them together. An unsure Zelda flees the bar, claiming she wasn't the girl and that she doesn't own a silver dress. When Andrew enlists the help of his programming friends to scour the Internet for proof that she was the girl, they discover they weren't at the same night of the concert. Zelda storms off and mulls over the silver dress she secretly has in the closet. She decides to let her defenses down just a little bit, and calls Andrew. When she confesses that she was the girl in the silver dress and says she wants to give their relationship a second chance, Andrew leans in to kiss her as if to reply wholeheartedly. This episode serves as the pilot of A to Z, and the show will serve to document the course of their dating relationship, all the way from A to Z.

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