oman Skouris invites his onetime partner and friend Milton Greene to a coffee shop and suggests they set their differences aside and start over. Milton will have nothing to with him and accuses him of just using Bo and her powers for his own self aggrandizement. Flashbacks to 10 years ago show how they began their work together with Bo's mother, Nina Adams. She had powers similar to Bo's and tells Milton she is pregnant. Milton promises Nina he will always protect her child. In the present day, Tate and Bo arrive in New York City. The FBI are quickly onto them and they're forced to leave the safe house. Tate stole a woman's wallet and then returned it for a reward. In the process, he stole a valuable necklace that once belonged to the woman's dead son. When trying to pawn the necklace, Bo comes to understand why she was drawn to that particular shop.

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