evastated by Clay's capture, Elena returns to Stonehaven, where she gets "the call" from Santos. He instructs her to meet with him alone or Clay dies. As Elena attempts to persuade Jeremy to let her meet with Santos, Logan's car pulls into the Stonehaven driveway with Rachel at the driver's seat and a severely injured Logan in the back. Jeremy jumps into ER mode to save Logan's life while Nick calms Rachel's frayed nerves about the "family business." Recovering from the attack by the Mutts, Philip is interviewed by a Detective. Philip feigns memory loss, but then reveals to Diane he's staying quiet to protect Elena and his family. Secretly, he has deeper concerns, which are confirmed when he realizes the white wolf in the Cherry Beach video is the same the one who saved his life the day earlier. And all signs point to this wolf possibly maybe being Elena??!??

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