ensions at Stonehaven flare when a pack of hunters, on a search for the killer wolf, come upon the dead body before the Pack has a chance to deal with it. To distract the hunters, Elena spooks their dog with a look - it lunges at her, tearing into her arm. Clay worsens the situation when he hurls the dog to the ground. Tempers flare and the dog's owner, Braxton (Evan Buliung), vows he will make Clay pay. With Brandon now responsible for three deaths, Jeremy realizes the newly-turned Mutt is targeting the Pack. He lays out a plan of action: Clay and Elena will go into town and find him; meanwhile, Nick, Logan and Pete will track down nefarious quasi-Pack-sympathizer Karl Marsten (Pascal Langdale) to see if he's heard anything on the Mutt grapevine about who is wreaking havoc in Bear Valley. Marsten is seemingly cooperative and agrees to look into it.

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