hile Nick takes on the gut-wrenching task of erasing Antonio's existence in the human world, and Jeremy is sidelined by with a strange poison, Elena and Clay are left alone to deal with the Mutt situation in Bear Valley. Clay and Elena must hurry to find out what toxin is killing Jeremy. Clay is determined to get whatever information he can out of Cain, who is caged in the War Room. Elena heads to town to track down the mysterious woman who stabbed Jeremy in the Mutt's ambush. The two women confront each other at the Bear Valley Diner, where Elena learns that this woman, Amber (Eve Harlow), is Cain's human girlfriend - a werewolf groupie who would like nothing more than to have Elena's lifestyle. When Marsten and LeBlanc arrive on the scene try to intimidate Elena, she turns the tables on them, discovering that LeBlanc slashed Jeremy with a blade tainted with ricin. She makes it back to Stonehaven in time to save her Alpha.

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