ollowing Catherine's visit to the house Royce moves Ann but the van in which he and Lewis are taking her is stopped for speeding by policewoman Kirsten McAskill and so Royce, to Lewis's horror, runs Kirsten over, killing her. Reminded of her daughter's death and accused by Kirsten's partner of pushing her into action Catherine is devastated and, whilst Richard offers to accept Ryan, she can do without being told not to prosecute Gascoigne for drink and drugs as he donates to the police fund. Cowgill is also appalled by Royce's actions, particularly as Royce wants to kill Ann to stop her talking but gives Nevison some hope by suggesting Ann will be released after another ransom payment delivered by Kevin. As a result Helen, who wanted to speak to Catherine, tells her she has changed her mind. Delivering the money to Cowgill Kevin is shocked when Lewis tells him that Royce killed the policewoman whilst Catherine decides to investigate the house where Royce was seen and is suspicious of what she finds in the cellar.

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