atherine and Ann manage to escape and are rescued by the police but Kevin's questionable account of his involvement leads to his arrest and remand in custody whilst - via his phone calls - the arrest of Cowgill, though he enters into a plea bargain for a reduced sentence by giving information about a vast drugs importation racket. As a result he and his family will need witness protection. Catherine recovers in hospital and is visited by Ann, who asks her not to tell her parents about her rape by Royce. On discharge Catherine is depressed and her suspicion of Royce as being Ryan's father leads to her hitting out at the little boy with Clare and Richard giving her assurance of her calming influence on him before there is reconciliation. Royce is hiding out in a seedy flat with Lewis, who wants to inform on him. There is a knife fight and Lewis is killed whilst Royce, severely wounded, staggers off in search of Ryan.

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