ane and Rafael go to the doctor for an ultra sound and the doctor tells them he sees something. He can't tell what it is, to find out they need to do an amnio. He tells them there are risks if they do and Jane would have to rest for 2 days. At first she doesn't want to do it but later changes her mind. The only time the doctor can do it is during her graduation, so she decides to have the procedure. Rogelio who is trying to find another job is very picky about what he's willing to do. Xo tries to convince him to be open minded. Michael continues to try and prove Emilio is Sin Rostro. But someone tells him that on one of the occasions that Sin Rostro killed someone, he was with his mistress. Rafael goes to Rose who upon learning of this makes changes to her plans. Michael upon talking to the mistress thinks he knows who Sin Rostro is. Petra's ex wants her back saying she's now with Lachlan. But as they are suppose to leave Lachlan has a surprise for her.

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