hen Alba sees Petra's mother, Magda she remembers that Magda pushed her down the stairs and she tells Jane who wants to report her. But Alba doesn't want to because of her immigration status. And Alba doesn't want to Xo to know because she might overreact. And Xo has her own problem; trying to get Rogelio to talk to her after he dumped her. And Jane is reeling from her break up with Rafael. Rafael and Petra are trying to keep the hotel afloat and that's when Luisa returns and decides to be involved with the hotel's operations. She has an idea which Rafael and Petra don't like but decides to let her do it because they want to be on her good side. And when Jane sees Magda is working at the hotel, she freaks out and demands she be fired but Magda threatens Alba. And Alba sees Edward telling him she hopes they can be friends but he says he doesn't want that.

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