ith Cresswell dead Hope and Ned are free to marry. They are, however, suspicious of John Hawkins' part in distributing the infected blankets and argue with him. As a result he has a heart attack and dies, asking Ned to take over his business though Ned is more concerned with helping Beth to hide Hope. Abe is visited in Oxford jail but Angelica's maid Agnes, who gives him a potion which simulates death and his 'corpse' is thrown into the plague pit, from where Agnes and her grandfather Adam rescue him. However Colonel Sidney is executed but Ned manages to obtain the colonel's writings, advocating freedom from Britain for the colonies, which he has smuggled into Boston. He and Hope are organizing a meeting for like-minded young colonists but they are interrupted by armed troopers who shoot and kill them. Beth returns to England to see the insurgents who took part in Monmouth's unsuccessful rebellion, being put to death. These include Agnes and Adam but she is reunited with Abe who has managed to escape.

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