s Nathaniel lies in a hospital bed the wounded abductor in the next ward takes a phone call which results in his killing himself. Nessa is given a new bodyguard, with whom she has sex, but she deduces that he has been sent by Hayden-Hoyle to spy on her whilst Ephra cheats on pregnant wife Rachel with Atika. Police commander Garrett discovers that the kidnappers are ex-Intelligence Corps. Meanwhile Monica accuses MI6 boss Julia Walsh of exploiting Hayden-Hoyle to get rid of Nessa whilst Nessa herself, against the advice of P.A. Frances, distinguishes herself in the House of Lords with her speech on the Palestinian conflict. Hayden-Hoyle interviews Meshal's lover Rebecca Lantham to ascertain if he really killed himself and finds out that she is an FBI agent - which ultimately seals her fate. Nessa receives a mysterious message to tell her that Kasim is alive . Atika's response is to say " They know."

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