hilst in captivity Nessa is raped and gives birth though, to preserve the good name of the foundation, Atika claims that the child is hers. In England Ephra gives way to pressure from Shlomo to lay cables in Istael though Monica demands Ephra resign as the CEO of the foundation to secure his sister's release, which follows soon afterwards. Hayden-Hoyle continues to press Ephra about Nessa's abduction but gets no joy. In the present Nessa learns that the late Nathaniel was dealing with Monica behind her back with incriminating facts about Shlomo, regarding the use of the optic cables, which were apparently used in wire tapping, though Shlomo denies this. At the Israeli university of Kidma there are accusations that the Stein Foundation prefers to give grants to former Israeli soldiers rather than Arabs whilst in London Nessa is subject to surveillance.

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