fter Nessa has rough sex with a casual bar pick-up Tom Crace Hayden-Hoyle rescues her and takes her home, revealing that he knows what happened to her in Gaza. He also relays the accusations of bias over the Kidma university admissions after the death of the whistle-blower. Nessa learns that Ephra secured her freedom from the kidnappers by agreeing to the wire-tapping, which leads to a sibling rift. She agrees to businessman Jalal El-Amin taking on the cabling work on condition he release Karim as she believes he was abducted to secure Jalal the contract. Hayden-Hoyle tells Ephra he knows about the terms of Nessa's release and he also learns that Samir Meshal said "She will agree" before he died, apparently killed by the Americans though Julia Walsh advises him against pursuing that line. At home Atika drops her bombshell on Rachel and Ephra.

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