essa's rapist Palestinian Al-Zahid arrives in London for a meeting with Monica Chatwin, intercepted by Hayden-Hoyle, who assumes Monica is working with the Palestinians and also tells Nessa he knows why Kasim was taken. Nessa goes to Hebron on the West Bank to unveil the cable system but Frances is angry with her for signing over its rights to El-Amin, unaware of her reasons. There is an assassination attempt, which Nessa survives and about which El-Amin does not seem wholly innocent but she is missing though the news reports claim she is dead. Atika lures Ephra to his death. Ephra is killed by Al-Zahid, who is then killed by Ephra's wife. Israeli extremist group the League of Samaria claim to have killed both Steins but their leader Yaniv Levi is also found dead. Suspicious of Monica Chatwin's true allegiance Hayden-Hoyle plays a tape regarding American involvement in Israel, noting a comment made about the Secretary of State - "She has agreed."

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