tarring Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones), Martin Henderson (The Ring) and Julianne Nicholson (Boardwalk Empire). The small town of Walpole, New Jersey, is just a short drive from the bright lights of New York City, but remains a world away. As the first episode opens, Police Officer Harold Jensen is investigating the disappearance of a missing NYU student who was last seen up in the neighboring Lenape Mountains - home to a federally unrecognized tribe of Native Americans. With centuries of bad history already existing between these two communities, and locals remaining silent, Harold finds himself with little to go on. Further complicating matters is the unexpected arrival of Phillip Kopus, a dangerous member of the tribe who has returned to the area to set up an illicit drug operation after a decades-long absence. As Harold tries to balance his increasingly stressful professional duties, his home life begins to slip into disarray. His wife, Jean, is locked in a volatile struggle with their teenage daughter Rachel over her relationship with a Lenape Indian boy named Junior. As the young couple fall further in love and begin to find themselves drawn to the charismatic Kopus, all hell breaks loose when Rachel fails to come home one evening. Fearing the worst, Jean drives up to the mountains in a manic search for their daughter, and soon finds herself responsible for a shocking tragedy that will upend the lives of all involved.

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