t's one day away from the coup. Tariq is in jail, seems to know that Barry and Ziad are among those behind his imprisonment, but hasn't mentioned anything to Jamal. Barry and Jamal are scheduled to go out on a deep sea fishing trip, during which time Molly and the rest of the family, including Jenna, are supposed to fly back to the States. Upon Barry and Jamal's return from the fishing trip back to the palace, Ziad is to place Jamal, Leila, Ahmed, Nusrat and Amira under house arrest, at which time Barry will make the announcement of his presidency to the Abuddin populace over national television. Slowly, the plan seems to start to unravel in front of Barry's eyes, but initially is not totally unsalvageable. He has to decide whether to carry on or not, he ultimately taking some inspiration from Fauzi. Molly too has to make a tough decision in light of some items on her end starting to fall apart.

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