arry and his family are still in Abuddin following the news that Jamal is in the hospital with life threatening injuries following a failed assassination attempt. The family is necessarily staying at the palace this time due to security concerns. The prognosis is that the surgery should save Jamal and that he should recover fully. With this situation, Jamal, in his new role as President, has to look the part while attending his father's funeral the following day, especially as he is in charge of presenting the eulogy. Leila, who is keeping vigil at the hospital, wants Barry to address his constant "running away", while confronting their past relationship in the process. Concurrently, Nusrat has been kidnapped and is being held hostage by what looks to be three youths, whose brother is imprisoned by the Al-Fayeed regime. Tariq's unstated goal is to use Nusrat's kidnapping as a rationale for martial law, taking down the three captors with Nusrat a necessary casualty. With these goings-on, Barry has to decide if and how he will get involved, especially considering his father's deathbed statement that "it should have been him".

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