auzi has arranged a meeting between Barry and Ihab in light of the uprising at the plaza, but it is a meeting Barry has no intention of keeping. He needed an excuse to give to Jamal in holding off taking any action at the plaza against the protesters - although Jamal watching old videos of Muammar Gadaffi's violent end may in and of itself stop him - while trying to take Ihab down a notch, who he knows does not want to negotiate but bring down the Al-Fayeeds not for what Jamal has done but solely what Khaled did. Samira is also coming to the same conclusion about Ihab. Who Barry believes they need to negotiate with is not Ihab, but rather Ihab's exiled father, Sheik Rashid, who almost came to a negotiated settlement with Khaled twenty years ago just before the bombing at Ma'an. Enlisting the help of John Tucker, Barry tries to arrange that meeting with the Sheik at his own risk, the Sheik or his men who may kill him on sight. But he's hoping that the Sheik will at least speak to him as two exiles who can look at the situation with more objective eyes. Meanwhile, Nusrat and Ahmed have still not consummated their marriage one month after the fact, Ahmed unaware that it is not him, but rather the incident between Nusrat and Jamal on the wedding night which has shaken Nusrat. And Molly catches Reema trying to steal some drugs, which brings Molly, the physician, further into Abuddin's political fold.

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