espite being angry with Barry about not being totally truthful about not meeting with Ihab but secretly meeting with the Sheik, Jamal does agree to the full delegate meeting with the Sheik, also despite the Sheik stating in front of the crowd at the plaza that he demands the meeting. While Jamal and Barry ultimately want the Sheik to use his moral suasion to disperse the crowd of approximately 2,000 protesters in the plaza, the Sheik blindsides them with a request of his own, that "request" which was not within the scope of what they were to discuss. Thinking about the request, Barry ends up having a contrary reaction to it than Jamal, who ultimately has the power to decide what to do. As Jamal takes what he considers the appropriate action taking into consideration Barry's advice, and as the public reaction over time doesn't seem to be what Jamal had envisioned, Jamal may end up taking more decisive action in the face of that public reaction and because of a comment that the Sheik makes to a worldwide audience, which may show who his real obstacle in governing the way that he wants is.

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