ust prior to the official proceedings of Jamal signing the declaration to amend the constitution to allow open and free elections, Sheik Rashid is found in the hotel men's room unconscious, he who seemingly fell and hit his head, with no one knowing that Jamal, in a fit of anger, attacked him making it look like a fall. Jamal, who postpones the official signing ceremony in respect to the Sheik, is horrified to learn that the Sheik is clinging to life - due to the quick work of Barry and Molly - Jamal who believed he had indeed murdered him. Jamal has to find a way to make sure that the Sheik does not wake up from his medically induced coma without tying the initial attack or this subsequent murder back on him. If he can't, he contemplates running off to a new and anonymous life to a place of fond childhood memories. Through this mêlée, Barry learns the truth behind both the military site bombing and the resulting gassing at Ma'an twenty years ago, these two events which, officially, have been attributed to the Sheik and Khaled respectively. These truths, which make Amira speculate herself that the Sheik's fall was no accident, leads to Barry revisiting an incident from his childhood, and making some decisions about his and Jamal's immediate futures. Meanwhile, Molly's immature sister, Jenna, has come to Abuddin with her own news about her immediate future.

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