arry still expects the coup to be bloodless, Jamal and Leila who will still live in luxury in exile after all is said and done. The first step still remains to remove Tariq from his position, which Tucker tells Barry he has three days to accomplish by making Jamal believe Tariq is the mastermind behind the coup. Tucker also arms Barry with a tool to accomplish this task. With all the possible problems in this mission, the biggest obstacles may be Leila, who is generally more astute and questioning than Jamal, and Molly, who may not be able to look Jamal and Leila in the face knowing what she now knows. What troubles Molly the most is how easy this all seems to Barry. Both Barry and Molly also come to the realization what it all means for their lives, Barry who takes steps to ensure that not only is his family safe, but that Sammy and Emma, who will eventually learn what their father has done, will view his actions with pride and not disgust. In addition, Molly is uncertain if she can live a life of always looking behind her and her family's collective backs.

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