he Caliphate have taken control of Ma'an. Jamal believes the Chinese have an obligation to provide military support, which is a difficult sell to the Chinese ambassador with many Chinese nationals among the dead. Amira believes she has the answer to Jamal's military problem, that answer which does not sit well with Leila and Ahmed. Barry, who decided to stay in Abuddin instead of run, is able to track down Ahmos in Ma'an. Ahmos is facing his own personal crisis, not only as his two oldest have been co-opted into the Caliphate fighters, but Abu Omar has taken Daliyah for his own. Barry wants to provide his strategic advice, which may not be welcome by those in Ma'an who are wary of any strangers. And Sammy has to answer a difficult question in court, while he asks for help from an unexpected source in helping to find Abdul, who was last known to be in Ma'an.

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