itizen Z finds that he has been hacked and recalls how he was invited to work in the Northern Light Post of NSA, after being arrested accused on espionage. Meanwhile the survivors reach California and now they are walking to get Murphy to the CDC. Warren recalls when she was a National Guard Lieutenant and found her soldiers turned into zombies. Doc recalls when he was at a mental institution to help addicted people when the outbreak busted. Addy was watching a hockey game and how she teamed-up with Mack to flee from the zombies. 10K was fishing in a river by the woods and he was saved by his father. Vasquez was at the funeral of his wife and daughter and soon the funeral director, his wife and his daughter turned into zombies. Murphy was in prison and witnessed inmates and guards turning into zombies. When they reach the location of CDC in accordance with the GPS, they find a restaurant with a woman behind bar counter.

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