ather than be saddened by the news, Beatrice and Lillian are overjoyed at the death of their friends, the Claudette sisters, as it means there are now two spots open on the Newport 400, comprised of the four hundred most important people in all of Newport, two spots which they are sure will go to them. They have to impress the Marquis de Sainsbury, he alone who decides who makes it into the 400. The one obstacle they learn of is who Hortense has invited to the induction ceremony party, namely Helen Keller, who Hortense is sure will upstage her sisters. Despite not knowing who she is, Beatrice and Lillian have to figure out how to neutralize the Keller factor. Meanwhile Peepers has hired a new domestic named Celine. However the Bellacourts give her a new what they consider more appropriate name: Chair. Some in the household know more about Chair than they let on to the others. And Beatrice and Frederick lament the fact that they can't marry each other.

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