fter Peepers catches Chair in a service faux pas, he, realizing that he has not trained her properly, puts her through a rigorous emotion-breaking training regimen. Meanwhile, this year's edition of Newport's Most Beautiful Pageant, which will be held at Bellacourt Manor, will not only be open to vegetables as it has in past years, but rather solely cabbages in the vegetal category, babies, and - gasp - human women, with the winner to be featured on a side of a biscuit tin. Aghast at such a prospect, the National Association of Gal Spinsters (N.A.G.S.), of which Hortense is a member, vow to ruin the pageant from the inside choosing one of their own as a contestant. However, both Lillian and Beatrice are determined to win. With Albert, having grown the winning vegetable the past five pageants, still in a coma albeit now without the tomahawk in his chest, and thus unable to participate, Victor decides to coach the biggest vegetable he knows. The pageant may be won or lost based on some sabotage which may have been the inspiration for Tonya Harding several generations down the road.

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