ebecca and her new best friend Paula go on a search for Josh, frequenting where he is known to go, while Paula discloses why she feels a connection to Rebecca. Their joint focus on Rebecca's love life may pose problems at work, that is unless Rebecca can show that her Harvard law degree is worth its reputation. Their new BFF status is threatened when Rebecca does eventually run into Josh, his girlfriend Valencia, and by happenstance Greg while she is out alone without Paula. Despite Josh's coded message to her not to get too close and not to disclose the nature of their summer together, Rebecca does whatever she can to get to know Valencia to get closer to Josh. What she learns about Valencia besides being a beautiful woman, is that she is a yoga instructor, is controlling, is jealous by nature, and has no women friends in her belief that other women find her too threatening. Rebecca also eventually learns that Josh and Valencia have been a couple for a long time, even before Rebecca met Josh at summer camp, that time when Josh considers he and Valencia to be on a break. Rebecca will have a difficult task in breaking through Valencia's guarded but well attired exterior, while not alienating Josh in the process. Through it all, Greg watches it unfold while having mixed feelings about his own pursuit of Rebecca.

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