aula is irked that Rebecca spent Thanksgiving with Greg instead of Josh, and that she is happy about Josh and Valencia moving in together, Rebecca having even bought them the meaningful house warming gift of a rice cooker to bridge their two cultures. But an incident makes Rebecca come to the realization that she isn't really as happy about Josh and Valencia as she had made out. Against the advice of the hallucination of Dr. Phil, Rebecca decides the best way to make herself feel better is to self-medicate. As she threw away all her prescription anti-anxiety medications, she does whatever she needs to to get whatever drugs she can to replace those, which may end up getting her into deeper trouble. Her anxiety issues come at a bad time professionally as Calvin Young, the biggest potential client Whitefeather has ever had, is in southern California from his hometown of Tuscon specifically on a real estate lawyer shopping trip. But it may be Paula, and not Rebecca, who could be the clincher for Whitefeather getting the business. Regardless of the poor state of her marriage and being attracted to Calvin, Paula may have to decide how far she will go with Calvin irrespective of the business implication. Meanwhile, Josh wants to take some initiative in giving Valencia a surprise gift of furniture, more specifically a dining room table. Josh does this is against the advice of his friends, who know that whatever Josh picks out will not be what opinionated and picky Valencia will want.

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