osh is full of mixed emotions about going to visit Ben in the hospital before his brain surgery. He feels he has to to be a good, caring person. He doesn't feel like he can tell Tom or Claire - the two people who know about Ben - but he needs some sort of support himself, so he brings along Dad and Mae without fully disclosing who Ben is. And the situation is made even more uncomfortable for Josh with Ben's parents at the hospital with him. With Claire blurting out to Tom and Ella about her and Josh's secret being her abortion, Ella feels they all need an outing, her place of choice the big observation ferris wheel. Being in an confined space with no where to go, Josh, Arnold, Tom, Claire and Ella have plenty of time to talk about the issues that are going on in their lives that affect them in one way or another, the revelations which have the potential to damage their interrelationships. Meanwhile, Rose and Hannah now have a reason to clean up their house. They find that the process of cleaning is much more difficult than just talking about it.

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