ollowing the shooting a curfew is imposed whilst Ralph's assistant Ronnie brings in a journalist, to raise Ralph's profile, though Ralph directs him towards Aafrin, still lying injured in hospital. Alice goes to see if she can help Aafrin's family whilst Ralph visits the gunman, nationalist Chandru Mohan, in prison only to get attacked by him. Ralph turns to Cynthia for solace, by which time Mohan has been found dead in his cell. Armitage gives his nephew Ian a tour of the plantation, meeting his neighbour Ramu Sood, to whom Armitage adopts a racist attitude but to whom he apparently owes money. The Raworths' marriage continues to disintegrate as Dougie gives the orphanage priority whilst Aafrin wakes from his coma to find Alice by his bed and Madeleine and Ralph share a bath.

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