he Viceroy prepares a lavish engagement party for Madeleine and Ralph though both Cynthia and Alice question his motive whilst Cynthia also learns from Eugene that the Mathers have no money. At a meeting to discuss political power sharing Ralph supports Dr Kamble, representative of the despised Hindu 'Untouchables', aiming to get him on side against the Congress party, and invites him to the party, incurring the displeasure of the Viceroy and many of the Brahmin guests. Encouraged by Cynthia Ian asks Ranu why he has employed him as his manager and is told he will learn business skills in exchange for letting Ranu use a British name for his plantation. Aafrin's father tries to persuade his wife to accept the Untouchable Sita, who has lied to Aafrin by claiming that the certificate is safe though at the party Alice and Aafrin share more than a secret and Adam's mother appears, to present him to his natural father.

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