n 1915 volunteer nurses Kitty, Flora and Rosalie arrive at a field hospital in France to work under Matron Grace Carter and her stiff assistant Sister Margaret Quayle. They are unprepared for the rigorous life and dizzy Flora is ordered to wash off her scent so as not to excite the soldiers. Patriotic Rosalie rubs up against the more cynical Kitty, who accuses her of volunteering in order to escape a dull home life though she later apologizes but Kitty's rebellious attitude does not endear her to Matron, who wants to send her home. However her handling of the severely disturbed private Molloy impresses Matron, who allows her to stay. All the while Matron, head surgeon Colonel Brett and his doctors, captains Gillan and Hesketh-Thorne are trying to prevent arrogant, ill-informed superiors from returning psychologically damaged men to the war. Then a fourth nurse arrives, down-to-earth Joan Livesey, who claims she is a qualified sister though Margaret is suspicious. That night all the nurses gather to watch the boys march off to the trenches.

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