oan is arrested and charged with aiding an enemy to escape. With news of the killing of British nurse Edith Cavell by Germans her accuser, Colonel Purbright, is keen to make an example of her and only the reappearance of Anton prevents her from being shot. Purbright believes Joan's actions reflect badly on Colonel Brett, himself distraught as he has learned of the death of his son in action, and Matron is perturbed when Margaret returns to give evidence on the colonel's running of the hospital. Although Soper wants Margaret to testify against the colonel as he wants her to be Matron she gives him a glowing reference, saving his reputation, at the same time reminding Matron Grace that she knows of something in Matron's past which gives her some power. Kitty, meanwhile, is still sought after by both the young officers, Flora discovers that orderly Peter is gay but keeps it to herself and Rosalie overcomes her aversion to male nudity to help another damaged patient.

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