s Jasper continues his hold over Eleanor and her mother bans her from using social media due to her vulgar messages, the Royals hold a garden party to officially end the mourning for Prince Robert. Liam is less than pleased to see that one of the (self-) invited guests is his catty ex-girlfriend Gemma, who dumped him before he became heir to the throne. Gemma indulges in a drinking contest with Ophelia, who loses, and Liam, whilst popular with the crowd, annoys his mother by missing appointments to look after Ophelia. King Simon, anxious to avoid the ceremony, helps palace maid Prudence, confiding in her his desire to be ordinary. After the guests have left Queen Helena keeps a tryst with her war hero lover Captain Lacey whilst Cyrus blackmails the closet gay politician James Holloway into doing something to 'help' the queen.

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