wo segregated schools, one for whites, the other Asian, combine to form Ackley Bridge college, under headmistress Mandy Carter, with her partner Steve Bell the games master and local businessman Sadiq Nawan its sponsor. Disruptive pupil Jordon Wilson causes trouble with racist jibes whilst the lack of integration is obvious when the boys choose from their own ethnic groups for the football sides. Unconventional English teacher Emma Keane is pleased to re-encounter old flame Sami Quereshi, the liaison officer but less so when her daughter Chloe arrives after falling out with Emma's ex-husband and a row between them leads to Chloe posting topless pictures of her mother online. Student Missy Booth falls out with best friend Nas after Missy's drunken mother Simone turns up at the school and Steve, taunted by Jordon over his suspicion that Mandy and Sadiq are having an affair, hits him. All in all an eventful first day - for the wrong reasons.

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