arisol upon learning that her son knows the man who got Flora pregnant, she goes to see him but he says that she didn't associate with the people he knew. He then realizes something but chooses not to tell his mother only the lawyer. Who then tells Marisol that he had a little sideline and that's how she met the other guy. So Marisol tries to find her son's partner so she can find out who he is. Taylor tells Michael she's pregnant, he then tells Olivia his ex about it and she doesn't take it well. Peri wants to go to counseling with Spence but he doesn't want to. And she calls him a wuss. Later me Adrian propositions Rosie she tells Spence and is so indifferent that she calls him a wuss and he goes confront Adrian. When Remi comes home, Valentina is hoping that they can begin their relationship. They start by Remi coming over to her home for dinner and things don't exactly work out. And when Carmen tells Alejandro that Odessa won't be coming back for awhile, he's wonders who will do something that she only does. Carmen offers to do it but when she learns what it is she freaks out and wants to back out but can't.

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