pon learning that Remi was the one who got Flora pregnant, Marisol asks her lawyer if this is enough to help her son. The lawyer says no. So they decide to come up with a plan to find out how much Remi knows and how he reacts. Peri hits someone with her car and leaves. She tells Rosie. And upon learning she just left, Rosie goes to see how the person she struck is. She finds him OK and decides to use the situation to teach Peri a lesson and use it to her advantage. Alejandro lets his boyfriend stay with him while his place is being fixed. Alejandro tells Carmen he's going to dump him. But when she sees that he likes to do housework, she tries to convince Alejandro not to dump him so that she doesn't have to do all the housework. Zoila learns that Genevieve is seeing her ex husband. Zoila tries to remind her how he treated her but it falls on deaf ears. So she decides to show her.

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