armen is approached by a gossip reporter who wants her to confirm if Alejandro is gay. She tries to convince him to come out but he doesn't want to. Sam comes back and asks Carmen to move in with him. But the reporter takes photos of Alejandro with Sam. Spence comes back and tells Rosie he's going ask Peri for a divorce and wants her to marry him. But Peri tells Rosie she's going to bring her son to her. Remi confronts his father about Flora and is considering going to the police. But his father convinces him not to. So he decides to leave and go to Africa. He asks Valentina to go with him and she considers it. Zoila tells her she can't. Marisol upon learning of what happened between Remi and his father wonder if his father could be the one Flora's talking about. So she asks Taylor about him. She then tells Michael who goes Mr. Delatour. And while Michael finds out what Marisol is up to and how to handle her. Delatour asks someone else to handle her.

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