hen Genevieve's brother arrives, Valentina learns that he and her mother have history. And Zoila acts weird around him. Carmen learns that Alejandro is throwing a party and told that she has to work it but when she learns one of the guests is the man she signed with, she asks Odessa that she not work it because she doesn't want the guy to see her as the maid. Odessa says she's needed but Alejandro tells her she doesn't have to and that she can come as a guest which doesn't make Odessa happy. And Rosie tries to help her boss deal with his wife's attitude. And Marisol tries to find out if Flora was pregnant. Her lawyer gets the autopsy report and it says that she wasn't. But when she sees the coroner she recognizes him as one of Adrian Powell's friends. So she wonders if he altered the report and sets out to find out.

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