enevieve returns from her trip and tells Zoila and Valentina that she met a (rich) guy and that he asked her to marry him and she said yes. Thing is, she lied about her age. She asks the girls to play along but Zoila accidentally lets it slip that she's not the age she told him she is. And he is upset but not because she lied but because she can't give him what he wants. Rosie starts working for the Powells so she could find the evidence that could help Marisol's son. She brings the Westmore's baby with her and Evelyn is annoyed with him but eventually develops an attachment to him which makes Rocie quit which doesn't make Marisol happy. Marisol learns that the Stappords are trying to have a baby but are not having much luck. So she advises Taylor to go to a clinic and while there they run into someone who knows Olivia, Michael's first wife and she tells Olivia. Olivia tells asks Marisol to see her and to admit she lied when she told her that Michael still has feelings for her. When Alejandro complains that things around the house are not as he wants them and he puts the blame on Carmen when it's Odessa who's the one who's letting her work slip. Carmen confronts her and learns that Odessa's has a secret of her own.

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