arisol is engaged to a wealthy man who lives in the neighborhood. She moves into his home but his housekeeper doesn't exactly make her welcome. She reveals that his first wife died. And the way she said it makes Marisol wonder what happened to her, but her fiancé doesn't exactly want to talk about it. Carmen continues posing as Alejandro's fiancée and finds it difficult and Odessa is not happy about it. Rosie avoids getting deported and goes to see Spence but finds Peri whom she asks to tell Spence that she's out and Peri tells her that she's no longer needed cause they got a new maid. Genevieve learns that Valentina had a fight with Remi and is back in town. She goes to see her, who doesn't want her mother to know she's back, so Genevieve helps her hide from Zoila.

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