hile Marisol is visiting Nicholas who is medicated, he says something that shocks her. She wonders if it was because of the medication or was he serious? Rosie's boss upon learning that Reggie is pilfering from his estate, tries to take away his power of attorney but Reggie has him committed. When Spence gets some bad news, he deals with it by drinking and asks Carmen to join him. Zoila has a hard time dealing with Genevieve's mother; she tells her to leave but the woman won't leave till Genevieve returns. So Zoila goes to her and tells her she needs to have it out with her mother once and for all. Valentina asks Remi to help Ethan. When they ask him how he got hurt he comes up with a lame story. Remi later suspects he could one of the ones who've been robbing people. He tells Valentina who asks him not to tell anyone yet till she talks to Ethan.

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