arisol tells Nicholas she knows about Opal and Dahlia and tells him that it's time to let her go. But Opal doesn't want to and threatens Nicholas. Zoila goes to Javier's house and criticizes his maid's work and tells him that she should tell her to step it up. But when she goes to meet Rosie and Carmen she meets Javier's maid who says that because of her boss' new girlfriend she can't go see her ailing grandmother. Rosie runs into Spence when she's out with Reggie. Spence then goes to her to tell her the truth about what happened with them the last time they were together. Reggie seeing them together decides to do something. Ty gives Carmen an expensive gift and upon learning from Spence what it costs gives it back and because of how she talked to him, Ty kisses her. Valentina learns about Evelyn and Tony and tries to convince Adrian to go home. And Remi tries to win Valentina back.

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