fter Joe meets Sara's father, Jacob Wheeler, CEO of Dallas-based oil company Westgroup Energy, Joe contemplates accepting a job offer from him, as none of Joe's other professional opportunities panned out, something of which Jacob is aware just based on Joe's recent history making him non-marketable job-wise. A discussion with Sara at the end of his first work day answers a lot of the questions Joe had about the nature of that work day. Cameron makes a unilateral decision to hire someone as "the boss" of Mutiny. The unilateral nature of the decision irks Donna, who wants more of a collaborative decision making environment between the two of them, while the rest of the Mutiny staffers seem ill at ease with the person himself. Cameron and Donna face two other immediate issues. The first is trying to find money to operate more effectively, they having a meeting with Stokes, a venture capital firm. The second is finding out that someone is hacking into their network and repackaging much of their material, only better. They have to decide how to deal with the hacker, especially after they figure out what his end goal probably is. And Gordon is somewhat directionless with his work life, he seemingly with endless possibilities. Unless he finds something constructive to do, he may turn to old vices onto a destructive path.

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