ayna and Teddy disagree about how to handle the divorce right before Rayna steps on stage. Rayna is overwhelmed and for the first time in 20 years, she misses her cue. Scarlett gets a call that Rayna wants to sign her and Gunnar to her own label. Scarlett finds out Gunnar's brother is in town in violation of his parole. She refuses to let him stay with them pointing out it's harboring a fugitive, but later changes her mind. Avery is not happy with the way Dominic is changing his music. Glenn is not happy with the way Juliette is changing her music. Glenn tells the crew to run all Juliette's changes past him and he'll handle it, but when Juliette finds out she calls everyone including Glenn to a middle-of-the-night meeting to say it's her way or the highway. Glenn quits. Rayna goes out drinking with Liam. Rayna's oldest daughter overhears Teddy on the phone with Peggy and tells Rayna.

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