ection 20 heads off to Budapest based on information of the movements of McKenna. Twenty tracks down an old IRA arms dealer in Budapest in hopes that McKenna will reach to him. During in their interrogation, he runs in front of a lorry and dies, but not before telling them that McKenna is going after an arms shipment in Pest. Rachel Dalton is laid to rest. Sgt Richmond is the only member of Section 20 to attend the funeral. Richmonds learns that Dalton has a son. The team does not perform the customary ritual when one of them dies because none of them really trusted or respected Dalton. However, Locked promises to do what he can for her son. Twenty acquires an optic drive with a message from al-Zuhari from the deal former IRA gun dealer. Al-Zuhari is planning a major attack on a holy day. To the horror of the British government and their allies, it seems that the IRA and Al Qaeda have joined forces. Stonebridge is having some form of physical ailment. His motor skills and vision occasionally fail him. He sees a doctor, but he doesn't tell her everything that he should. The IRA goes after the weapons shipment in Pest. The Hungarians are killed, the IRA get away with the weapons, but Section 20 captures McKenna. During the extradition process from Hungary back to the UK the IRA stages a rescue. They capture Locke and make a bold getaway ... in an armored vehicle. Stonebridge has a chance to stop them before they escape. He lines up for a shot but he doesn't take it.

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