ased on the information gained from the execution of Kamali, Al-Zuhari sends a team to attack the Section 20 base camp site in Moscow. Twenty watches as the terrorist enter an empty room. Locke dials a phone number and the room blows up, eliminating the threat. Twenty interrogates the prisoners from the facility to find out as much as they can. They learn from Dr. Valigny that Maroun Saleh will be in town soon. Stonebridge and Scott go Ester's school to pick her up and take her to a safe house. One of Al Zuhari's men, Qassein is already there looking for her. They all track her down at fun fair. Scott and Stonebridge rescue Ester and escape after a fire fight with Qassein and his men. Martinez and Richmond track Maroun Saleh to a building where they find Al-Zuhari's right hand man Razan Hassan. The Twenty team goes into a ALZ training facility to capture high value targets Maroun Saleh and Raza Hassan. Ever the fanatic, Raza kills Maroun then he orders his men to kill him so 20 can't get any information out of him. The intelligence from the facility is accessed by Richmond. Twenty learns that an infiltrator, Novotny is a on train headed to a large population of people. Scott, Stonebridge and Martinez assault the train to prevent the virus from reaching the city. After buying a few gifts for Ester, Scott & Stonebridge go back to safe house to find it breached by an unexpected player.

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