ideon Frane plunges to his death in a lake, a human torch though it transpires that he was poisoned which drove him mad, accidentally immolating himself. An anonymous letter 'You Will Burn in Hell' leads to an ex-girlfriend Izzy following stalking complaints but, though her friend Kit admits to sending the letter, Vera eliminates him as a murder suspect. Gideon's former headmistress Vivienne Ripman tells Vera he was one of a group of 'golden lads and lasses' but an ex-girlfriend Amanda disappeared after a suicide attempt and another friend, Jamie, became a drug addict. Amanda contacts Vera to clear herself - she is now a nun at a convent whose head, Sister Benedict, has happy memories of teaching Vera. Jamie is located and is almost the victim of the same poison fed to Gideon. Vera notes that Colin Culvert, a teacher at Gideon's school, died in a car crash in 2007 and that Jamie, an heir to a fortune,has donated all his money to a charity researching spina bifida, a condition one of Colin's children has. Vera deduces that somebody close to Colin blamed Gideon and Jamie for his death and is exacting revenge.

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